Blake Shelton has teamed up again with his buddy Trace Adkins for a new tune called 'Hell Right', the follow up to the smash 'God's Country that went #1 this Summer. It sounds to me like the follow up to 'Boys Round Here'...but, I like it. Of course, here are the lyrics, because it's all of our little guilty pleasures reading the lyrics for a new song.

New Blake Shelton song--'Hell Right' lyrics

Couple boys clock out about 5:35
Tryna put a little hammer in their head
Standing in the liquor store starin at a fifth
But they picked up a handle instead
Hell right
Hell right

Couple girls with their boots on got their Bluetooth on T-shirts sayin Go Sooners
Then the girl from the small town took off the O-Town, put on a little Hank Jr.
Hell right
She got all her rowdy friends coming over tonight

Hell right hell right
Everybody's throwing down on a Friday night
Somewhere in America
There's a bottle to burn and a fire to light
And you ain't done nothing if you did it half way
If you gonna raise hell, then you better damn raise
Hell right
Hell right
Hell right