Here's the new song from Dan and Shay! This may be the best Dan and Shay song to date, up there with 'Nothin' Like You'. Of course, we'll hook you up with the lyrics because that's one of life's guilty pleasures with new songs.

New Dan and Shay song -- Tequila

I can still shut down the party

I can hang with anybody

I can drink whiskey and red wine

Champagne all night

Little scotch on the rocks and I'm fine, I'm fine

But, when I taste Tequila

Baby I still see ya cutting up the floor in sorority tee shirt

The same one you wore when we were

Sky high in Colorado

Lips pressed against the bottle

I remember how bad I need ya

when I taste Tequila

when I taste Tequila

Their last single to radio 'Road Trippin' was not a huge success, but we have a feeling that this new tune will have a chance at the top spot. The new single is off a project TBD.

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