[LISTEN] [LYRICS] New Maren Morris Song–Dear Hate
Listen to new Maren Morris song--'Dear Hate'
Dear Hate,
I saw you on the news today
like a shock that takes my breath away
you fall like rain, cover us in drops of pain
I'm afraid that we just might drown
Dear hate,
well, you sure are colorblind
your kiss is the cruelest kind
you could poison any mind just l…
[LISTEN] [LYRICS] New Walker McGuire Song — ‘Til Tomorrow’
New Country duo Walker McGuire has their song called 'Til Tomorrow'. The duo formed over four years ago and signed with Wheelhouse records, an imprint of BBR. Take a listen to their new tune!
Walker McGuire Lyrics - Til Tomorrow 
It's good to be out again
Good to see all my friends
I had to get out of t…
New Tim + Faith Duet
Once in a while a song can move you on the first time you hear it. It's the power of music and it will only take 3 minutes to speak to you in a big amount. Tim McGraw and Faith Hill's first duet to radio in nearly 10 years may even give you the chills...
High Valley Song
High Valley is the latest duo to take the U.S. by storm, but these guys are far from newcomers. Having success up in Canada they have been hitting the road for years, but the 'Make You Mine' singers are making a name here. Their song 'The Only' may be new jam...
[LISTEN] [LYRICS] New Sam Hunt Song — Body Like A Backroad
Finally! New Music from Sam Hunt! Here is the first single off his second album, called 'Body Like a Back Road'. Of course, it's much more fun singing with the lyrics.
Sam Hunt - Body Like A Back Road Lyrics
Gotta girl from the south side, got blaze in her hair
First  timei seen her walk by, had me fal…
Whoopie Gravy
We get TONS of requests here.  Often people don't know the titles to the songs they want to hear, but they've got a few of the words.  I always do my best to figure the songs out from there.  Think you can figure the song out before I do?
[LYRICS] [LISTEN] New Dan And Shay ‘From The Ground Up’
Dan and Shay have a new single, 'From The Ground Up', which will be the first single off her sophomore album. This one may give a Thomas Rhett's 'Die A Happy Man' a run for its money.
Dan and Shay - From The Ground Up Lyrics
Grandma and grandpa painted a picture
 of 65 years in one little house
more tha…

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