Billy Currington is again coming off of another #1 smash hit and now he's back to follow it up with 'Wake Me Up'!

New Billy Currington Song--Wake Me Up Lyrics

If it's a Monday
Or Friday night
If it's a highway
Or a long red light
And that dashboard clock
Just crossed midnight
And I just crossed your min
If you get to wondering
If I'm all alone
If I'm about to go out
If I'm staying home
Baby, don't hesitate
Go on and pick up the phone
No matter what time it is
You ain't gonna wake me up
Call me up when you're lonely
You ain't gonna wake me up
Cause I'm up and I'm only
Thinkin' about waking up with you
I miss you, I wish you'd
Come on and drive me crazy
It ain't ever too late baby
You ain't gonna wake me up
You ain't gonna wake me up

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