New Country duo Walker McGuire has their song called 'Til Tomorrow'. The duo formed over four years ago and signed with Wheelhouse records, an imprint of BBR. Take a listen to their new tune!

Walker McGuire Lyrics - Til Tomorrow 

It's good to be out again

Good to see all my friends

I had to get out of that house

Cause feeling sorry for myself

Wasn't working out so well

Oh but, baby look at me now

Well, it took 3 months better late than never

And to think I thought I would work hurt forever

But Baby tonight, I'm all right

Hey I finally got you off my mind

I'm not here fighting back tears Having the time of my life

I'm having the time of my life

Feel I may just stay out all damn night

You think I'm drowning in my sorrow

But I swear I'll never love you again

Til tomorrow

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