Buffalo loves their Eric Church.

Chief is on this way to releasing a brand new album, but before hand, we are getting a brand new song called 'Stick That In Your Country Song'. It's off the beaten-path. It's angry. It's bold. It's Eric Church.

Initially, Eric was going to release a different song as the lead single, but decided to release this song once it was done, calling it his best work ever.

Stick That In Your Country Song Eric Church Lyrics

take me on up to detroit city

jails are full, factorys are empty

mommas cryin', young boys dyin'

under the red, white and blue still flying

drop me off in baltimore

where every other window's got a plywood board

where dreams become drugs and guns

the only way out is to shoot or run

stick that in your country song

take that one to number one one

get the whole world singing along

stick that in your country song

get the boys singin' along

stick that in your country song

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