Luke Combs new project he is calling The Prequel has 5 new songs for you which includes the smash "Beer Never Broke My Heart".

Four other songs "Refrigerator Door", "Moon Over Mexico”, “Even Though I’m Leaving” and “Lovin’ on You.”

And we're here to give you a preview:

New Luke Combs Song Lyrics - 'Even Though I’m Leaving' lyrics 

Daddy, I'm afraid, won't you stay a little while?

Keep me safe 'cause there's monsters right outside

Daddy, please don't go, I don't wanna be alone

'Cause the second that you're gone they're gonna know

Before he went to bed he grabbed my hand and said

Just 'cause I'm leavin'

It don't mean that I won't be right by your side

When you need me and you can't see me in the middle of the night

just close your eyes and say a prayer

It's ok; I know you're scared when I'm not here

but Ill always be right there

Even though I'm leaving I ain't going nowhere...

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