Luke Combs broke history by becoming the first country artist in history to have his first 5 albums, all from the same album go #1. This guy has been able to channel and bring a more traditional sounding country music sound back to the radio and he's doing it in style. With the same name as his tour, he is releasing his new song called 'Beer Never Broke My Heart' off of his latest project. Combs is going to star with Brett Eldredge at Buffalo's Taste of Country this year.

There are 100 Field Toyota Taste of Country tickets left for purchase TODAY. You have to have the WYRK because there will be a notification sent out WHERE you need to be an hour before they go on sale.

Listen To New Luke Combs Song 'Beer Never Broke My Heart'-Lyrics

Ive had a large mouth bass bust my line

A couple of beautiful girls tell me goodbye

Trucks break down, dogs run off

Politicians lie getting fired by the boss

It takes one hand to count the things I can count on

There ain't much that ain't ever let me down

Well long neck iced cold beer never broke my heart

Like diamond rings and football teams have torn this boy apart

Like a neon dream it just don't know me, the bars and this guitar

A long neck iced cold beer never broke my heart

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