New Michael Ray music is out and his debut single of his sophomore album is called, Get To You.

Michael Ray Lyrics--Get To You Lyrics

Somebody had to hurt you bad

for you to give up like that

Somebody had to break your heart in two

but that ain't me and you

tell me why, tell me why, tell me why

You can look me in the eye

What am I supposed to do

You say we're through

Why do you

You run away, run away, run away of love

What the hell are you so scared of?

You walk away when you've had enough of tryin', of tryin'

Girl there's always going to be some pain

A little sunshine a little rain

doesn't mean it ain't worth it babe

I'm tryin', I'm tryin' to get to you, you

One day you're gonna love again

Mess up let somebody in

To a little part of your world

you think it's unthinkable girl

Somebody's gonna break those walls

Somebody's gonna watch you fall

You're gonna give it your all when you know that I'm around

when you finally find out why


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