Tim McGraw and Faith hill are back with their new song duet together right before they release a duet album together. The new Tim McGraw and Faith Hill song is called 'The Rest of Our Life'.

The duo is set to hit Buffalo, NY during the final stretch of the year-long tour together.

New Tim McGraw and Faith Hill song lyrics--Rest of Our Life Lyrics  

Sitting with you in a dark room

Warm by a fireplace

You know there's just something about you

You brighten my day, hmmm

I got something to run past you

I just hope I say it right

So I take your hand and ask you

"Have you made plans for the rest of your life?"

There's one thing I should be giving up and giving up now

Oh, I'll be fine

If one grey hair shows

I'll be fine

If my waist line goes

I'll be fine

Even if time takes it's toll

We'll stay young for the rest of our lives

I've been making plans for children

Since I've been looking in your eyes

I even have names picked for them

Daughter'd be Rose, Son it'd be Ryan

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