Here's Chris Cagle's follow up to "Let There Be Cowgirls".

Do you think that we should play this on WYRK?

I walk through my front door,
She’s right there like the day before
Saying “daddy, please, play with me”.
Right there in the living room
In a pony tail and the ballet shoes
I spin her round, she says out loud:
“I wish this song will last forever”.

Dance, baby, dance
I don’t ever wanna leave this moment.
Dance, baby, dance
‘cause right now I know I’m the only one.
Baby, dance, dance, baby, dance. Baby, dance.

And one day she’ll pack up to leave,
She’ll kiss her mom and then kiss me
And say “goodbye, dad, are you alright?”
I’ll just smile and tell her “yes”
And try to hide this big old mess
Inside my heart as she starts the car.
That’s why I wish this song would last forever.