Tuesday morning, the first day spring, Clay and I were talking to Patrick Hammer about the big day and the topic of eggs were brought up. It's been said that on the Spring Equinox you can stand eggs up on their ends because of the balance! Patrick said go ahead and try but no way, it's just a myth. I was pretty sure you could so we put a call out to the listeners to send us proof! And of course, we got some becuase our listeners are awesome!

Danielle Staffeldt and sister Mariah Steiner were listening and Danielle said, "Well, I've got eggs ...". Danielle told me in a Facebook conversation that they attempted to stand 13 eggs up over about an hour, but they were able to get a few up right away. "The first few, we were screaming it was so surreal. We got excited and kept going!"

So see Patrick, it is possible! And don't pay attention to the articles out there that say you can do it on any day becuase I don't think those are real. LOL Thanks to Mariah and Danielle for taking on the challenge and in the process taking some really cool pictures!


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