While we were in Vegas we talked to over 80 different artists and after every interview we would grab a quick picture with them! Our set up was a little crazy but we had my phone attached to our camera stand so we could grab a picture before they had to move on. If you have never seen my phone case it's pretty epic...

Yes! That is The Golden Girls and this sucker gets a lot of attention! I get more people talking to me and asking me about the phone case and where I got it than anything else! It's exactly what happened with all the artists that came through backstage at the ACMs. Here was Eric Pasley's response when he noticed "The Girls,"

It was a great ice breaker and gave me the chance to tell everyone to "Look at The Golden Girls" right before we took a picture. The second day I happened to have my Golden Girls t-shirt and it wasn't planned, it's just a shirt that I can wear under our pullovers. So when Brett Eldredge cam through and noticed the phone case and was a fan and was talking about how much he loves the show, I knew I had to show him my shirt. I said right before I showed him, "I can't believe I'm about to do this.."

He LOVED the shirt and asked "Is this for real?" These shirts are real and I told him it was gift from my sister and I think he will now be looking for one online! It turns out if you ever need an ice breaker, The Golden Girls are it!