This is more of a "if I can do it, you can" Liz's Kitchen. There's not that much to this recipe...especially when you have a pre-made rub. I will say that growing up we always had what we called "Kathy Chicken." It was our neighbor and she made the best rotisserie style chicken. She made it either in the oven with a brown paper bag or on the grill. It was so simple and yet sooooo good. I took some inspiration from that when I made this one. Now, I know you're suppose to use a cheaper beer but I didn't have any. I only had Great Lakes in my fridge so I had to sacrifice some of the can to the chicken but it was well worth it!


Beer Can Chicken

1 Whole Chicken
1 Beer
1 Seasoning or Rub
3 Tbsp Olive Oil


Take your whole chicken and brine that sucker! I brined mine in a simple salt water mix for about 4 hours in the fridge. Then take it out and pat it down. I rubbed just a little but of oil on the bird and then slapped on this rub on that I got at the fair last year.


Crack a beer and pour some out (or DRINK IT)! Now, I have an insert that goes on my grill for this part but if you don't just be careful on this part. Place the chicken over the beer can and place on the grill.


Try and keep the temp around 375 degrees and if you can, cook on indirect heat in your gill. I have a two burner gas grill and it still wasn't a problem for me! Cook the chicken till it has an internal temp of 160-165. Pull it off and let sit. If you're letting it sit you're letting it get up to the 165 internal temperature for safe consumption.


I put veggies around mine but didn't think it all the way through. I needed to cut the sweet potatoes smaller and put them on later in the cooking process.


My chicken was a 5 1/2 lbs and it took about an hour to cook. It's hard to put an exact time on this because there are so many factors. Just make sure you have a meat thermometer and you'll be good! It's so worth it and the chicken is so juicy!


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