I feel like I'm about to just go Facebook on you and post a lot of pictures with minimal descriptions...but oh well!

I've been going to D.C. for a few years now. I have a friend that works on DuPont Circle, and I love visiting her. When I saw the the Women's National Soccer Team was playing at RFK stadium...I knew it was time for my annual trip!

Since this is my fourth or fifth trip to D.C., my "tourist" photos have changed. I don't have a lot of typical D.C. photos, but, hey, still awesome!

Me, Dana and Katie at the Spy Museum

First stop, after food, was the Spy Museum! The amount of museums and attractions in D.C. is amazing. I've been so many times and had never been to this particular museum. It is so worth the money to check out the amazing history and information they've gathered from all over the world.

Mayflower Hotel

Now for the educational part of the trip! This is the hotel (in the pic above) where Eliot Spitzer took his call girl and eventually was discovered. Up until the last day, this was the only "monument" picture that I had taken.

Me at the USWNT game at RFK Stadium

So...my friend and I got to the stadium and went to find our seats, and we just kept walking closer and closer to the field. I did not realize that I had practically bought seats on the field. We were five rows back from the side boards...whoopsie.

Hope Solo, The team thanking the crowd

It's hard to tell, but we were able to see faces! The game was pretty great! We beat Mexico 7-0, which is a high score in soccer. I went to the bathroom, and we scored two goals!

Former National Team Member Lori Lindsay, blurry

This is my stalker moment. Walking out of the stadium, I look to my right, and walking next to me is Lori Lindsay, a former National Team member. I couldn't bring myself to be that person that asks for her picture, so I just took a very creepy, blurry picture. Still pretty cool!

Capitol Building and The Washington Monument

So here are some Washington D.C. things you may notice. We went to the Mall on the last day and just lounged. The weather was beautiful, and watching tourists is hilarious. We watched one group gather around a squirrel and take part in a very intense photo shoot. This is how lazy we were...