I'd heard of it but hadn't played it. So when the chance came up over the weekend we decided to give it a try. A cross between golf and soccer, FootGolf compares more to golf, but the main tools come from soccer. The simple object is to kick the ball into the cups in as few shots as possible.


We played at a Cleveland Metropark course, Shawnee Hills Golf Course, and the FootGolf course laid across the fairways of their Par 9 course. This is important to note because we had no clue it was at an actual golf course and showed up like a bunch of fools wearing workout gear instead of golf attire. My sister said it best, she was thinking more of a frisbee golf set up at a park...we were wrong. It is in the rules to wear golf attire.

It's 18 holes and the rules are essentially the same as golf. You can't roll the ball, tee it up, drop kick, etc... But you kick the ball towards the hole and try to get it in as few kicks as possible.


Where to play in Buffalo?

As of now, there is only one FootGolf course in Buffalo and it's in Delaware Park.
It's a trip and I recommend going with your families or friends! My sister said it would great for a youth or high school soccer team fundraiser. You don't need to be the best at soccer...just be able to kick the ball! You can learn more about FootGolf from Buffalo FootGolf!


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