We've got chances for you to win cash every day here.  So where would Western New York spend their money if they had to spend it TODAY?

Every day we give you 10 cash codes to hopefully get some money in your wallet.  While you could win our grand prize of $30,000, we are constantly giving away daily prizes of $100 every day that we play.

We were wondering...if you won one of the daily $100 prizes and you had to spend it at a LOCAL business TODAY, where would you spend the money?

People did as you'd expect and everyone had a different idea of how they could spend that money.  Some would spend it on themselves at a nice restaurant or buying something fun for themselves.  Others were more practical and chose to spend it on their families or just other people.

Here are some of the suggestions that people from Buffalo said they would spend their money on:

  1. Grocery Stores – Who wouldn’t spend $100 on groceries?  It’s easy to do these days.  We got suggestions of everything from Tops To Wegmans and everything in between
  2. Restaurants – $100 will be a good amount of money for a nice dinner. We heard places like Bar-Bill, Left Coast Taco, Nowak’s Tavern, Remington Tavern, and Apollo's were all mentioned.
  3. Mayer Brothers – How far will $100 get you when you’re buying apple cider and donuts? Answer…pretty far.
  4. Oxford Pennant – Need a flag or pennant for your favorite team? These guys are based right here and will have you covered.  They say they “make new versions of nostalgic products to help cool people, brands, bands and companies tell their stories through thoughtful and unique designs.”
  5. Boutiques – Most people said they wanted to check these places out for Bills stuff: Head Over Heels In Love With Shoes , Research and Design, Elephant Trunk Boutique
  6. Sprague's Maple Farms – It’s that time of year. They offer 100% Pure Maple Products and a full menu !
  7. The BFLO Store – Everybody is looking to stock up on the Bills stuff this year.
  8. Vidler’s – If you can’t find something cool to blow $100 on at Vidler’s, chances are you’ve got your eyes closed.
  9. Antoinette's – For ALL the ice cream.
  10. The Marilla Country Store – Stop in to get Christmas gifts…end up spending the entire $100 on cool stuff for yourself.
  11. Orion’s Landing – Spend it on VR, arcade games, drinks and food!
  12. Farm MarketsWagner's, George’s, Miller’s Farms in Fredonia were all mentioned
  13. BakeriesChrusciki Bakery, Haak's Cakes and the Little Bakery were all mentioned

Be listening for the Cash Codes every weekday and enter them on your app for your chance to win!  Good luck!

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