Distracted driving is not cool. That's the message being conveyed by teens across the nation in the Watch Out Loud video competition that was sponsored by I Drive Safely.

If you've ever driven in the snow, you know that it's hard enough to do without being distracted. Cell phones and other distractions can cause big accidents.

Congratulations to Anna Blato from City Honors right here in Buffalo for her second place win!

The contest kicked off during National Teen Driving Safety Week (October 20-26) and was designed to engage teens to creatively reflect on the relationship between distractions such as texting, eating, primping or simply adjusting the radio and the safety of themselves and fellow drivers on the road. The contest was designed to encourage peer-to-peer education, which according to research conducted by Advocates for Youth, has a higher probability of changing teen behaviors and attitudes.

Here's her second place video:

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