This week might end up being the most dangerous week of the year for drivers across New York State.

Now that we have moved to Daylight Saving Time and it is getting darker earlier, the movement of deer along roads and highways is becoming more active. This week we are also seeing a new moon moving into a waxing crescent moon which means that the light from the moon is very little.

The lack of light from the moon this week could end up leading to more deer/car accidents. Deer tend to move more when there is little to no moonlight and this week will also be the final week of the "Rutting Season" for deer. That means they will be even more active.


Most accidents involving deer are near dusk and dawn. This is when deer are most active looking for food. They also usually travel in groups, so if you see one, most likely more are around the area.


There are some ways you can lower your chance of a deer/car collision.

Pay Attention - When driving make sure you are aware of the surrounding areas, especially if you are near wooded areas.

Drive in the Center Lane - If there are multiple lanes, try to drive in the lane farthest from the side of the road. This will give you more time to react if a deer jumps out.

Use High Beams if possible - If you are driving when it is dark and no one else is on the road, make sure to use your high beams. It will give you more awareness of deer.

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If you do end up hitting a deer with your car, there are several things you should do.

Call 911 - Let the dispatcher know you hit a deer and report any injuries or damage

Do Not Approach the Deer - If the deer is injured, it most likey will be scared and if you approach it, it could end up injuring up by running and jumping

Move Your Car - If possible, move your car to the side of the road and put on your hazards as you wait for first responders to show up.

Annually over 1.5 million accidents in the United States are caused by deer. If you hit a deer make sure to report it and contact your insurance company if there is any damage to your car.

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