Logan Mize has everything you need for a party in his new music video for ‘Can’t Get Away from a Good Time.’ Beginning with a beautiful babe in a bikini, it quickly becomes clear that the fun finds him … not that he’s complaining.

Watch the music video during this ToC exclusive premiere. The dark-haired cutie asks “Y’all wanna have a party?” And really who is Mize and his group of friends and bandmates to turn down that request. Before long she’s joined by even more beautiful women, and a few handsome men. Cold beer, a few swings, trucks … good country music -- it’s all there.

Mize admits he had a little help writing this song. “One of my writers -- I  won’t say which one -- showed up with a fifth of Jack Daniels, poured it in their coffee, and looked at me and said, ‘I don’t know what to tell you. I just can’t get away from a good time.’”

It looks like that friend may have helped in the making of this new video as well, because it’s a party. ‘Can’t Get Away from a Good Time’ is Mize’s new single. Listen for it on SiriusXM beginning May 27 and pick it up on iTunes HERE.

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