Country rocker, Logan Mize has just released a video for his new single, 'Used Up' and it's an anthem for all the broken-hearted who are ready to accept the truth that love is over.

Mize wrote 'Used Up' in the wake of a fight with his wife (don't worry, they're still together ... she even named the song for him!) and he says that it's "so much different than anything being played on radio right now ... there's a certain sparkle to it." Its rock-and-roll sound blends well with lyrics about the end of love and the sad but necessary act of moving on.

In a song about love being "used up," Mize and his team have picked the perfect setting for his video -- a car salvage yard. What better place for the country crooner to sing words like, "If it's used up, go on and throw it away," than surrounded by junky cars and discarded parts?

'Used Up' has a strong backing by Mize's band, who are featured in live concert shots towards the end of the video. But the power of the video comes in the singer's solo performance in the middle of the dusty, broken-down junkyard. He sits in abandoned cars, which is an obvious mirroring of the abandonment he feels when he sings, "I gave you all my good stuff, now I'm just used up." Obvious, but not heavy-handed. Mize makes it clear that he isn't about to stick around the scrap-metal if it's time to "saddle up, I got no reason to stay." This may be a song about breaking up, but it's also about holding on to hope that there's better love to come.

'Used Up' is the first single from Mize's new album due in the fall and if it's any indication of what the rest of the record will sound like, we're in for a rootsy, rocking experience. The singer is currently in the middle of his Workin' and Drinkin' Spring Tour. For more info, check out

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