This is hilarious.

If you went out for a walk in the woods the past few days because the weather has been UNBELIVABLE here in Western New York, you may have walked by some tree stands that have been up since bow season started. This one MIGHT just be the most unique "tree stand" that we have seen in a while! LOL

In the Springville, someone in Western New York had a tree stand that was set up and strapped to a tree. There is no word if someone actually sits up there. I mean, if it actually holds you up, then why not take a bathroom break because there is nothing more annoying then having to keep taking a break to go pee from the tree. After all, it may attract some of the animals.

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You know, this would not be a bad idea to send something like this to be on the WYRK Trophy Wall. It certainly is not a deer or turkey or anything, but it is something we would love to share with all of Western New York.

The 2020 WYRK Trophy Wall, sponsored by Ken's Taxidermy, is your chance to claim bragging rights as one of the best hunters in the area.

We will be accepting your photos all hunting season, and your trophy haul could be announced on-air. Submit your photos on the WYRK Trophy Wall here!

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