Calling all outdoor enthusiasts. WYRK wants you to submit your best trophy buck, bass, or other game photos to post on our trophy wall.

The 2020 WYRK Trophy Wall, sponsored by Ken's Taxidermy, is your chance to claim bragging rights as one of the best hunters in the area.

We will be accepting your photos all hunting season, and your trophy haul could be announced on-air.

Here is the buck that Clay took this season!

I grunted this buck in and was able to get a great, clean, heart shot on him! My biggest buck in NY in years!

Take a look at our 2020 Trophy Wall:

Ron Minute

Ron Minute - Was watching a buck 200 yards away and this big boy came across 75 yards away. 428 pounds field dresses.

Dana and Ryan Reid

Dana and Ryan Reid - Shot 6 minutes apart on state land

Andrew Smith 

Andrew Smith - A deer I chased all season we called magic man.

Allan Jakubczak

Allan Jakubczak - 8 point, Cherry Creek NY

Brandon Ertl

Brandon Ertl - First buck. 11pt

Frank Thorn Jr.

Frank Thorn Jr. - 10-point buck weighed 193 lbs.

Larry Pieroni

Larry Pieroni - 9-Point, 200 pounds, Somerset, Niagara County

Mike Schmigiel

Mike Schmigiel - Deer was shot opening day of gun season, right after first light in Chautauqua County.

Christopher Davis

Christopher Davis - King Salmon fishing.

Kari and Rich Church

Kari and Rich Church - Father and daughter nabbed their trophies within five minutes of each other. It was Kari's first deer.


B. Brierley - This was my daughter's first deer. She’s 14 and did an amazing job and had amazing sportsmanship. It was a one-shot kill and I am very proud of her. Congratulations Emma!

Scott Letts

Scott Letts - 119" 8-pointer taken during archery on November 7 in Ransomville, N.Y.

Jacob Lezynski

Jacob Lezynski - Big 13-point buck out of Cattaragus County

Frank Mangone

Frank Mangone - took this 9-point buck in Marilla on Nov 22.

Eric Wildey

Eric Wildey - I shot this 9-pointer on Nov 6, my first ever bow deer, after 2 failed drawbacks due to a fault in my release. Thankfully he stayed put and I drew/shot with my fingers. 3rd time was a charm!

Nikolas Lange

Nikolas Lange - Shot this 10-point buck on Thanksgiving eve night in Niagara County. One of his biggest bucks to date!

Nicholas Fargo

Nicholas Fargo - 13-point buck taken on opening day in Ripley, N.Y.

Mike L.

Mike L. - This 12-pointer was taken on opening day at about 8 AM in Wyoming County

Jeff Beers

Jeff Beers - 10-pointer taken in Newstead

Clayton Brigjam

Photo Submitted by Clayton Brigjam

Todd Lawson

Todd Lawson - bagged this 8-pointer with his son's bow. His son is currently serving in the Air Force.

Rob Sachse

Rob Sachse - was in the stand for less than 10 minutes before crossing paths with his trophy.

Scott Lasker

Scott Lasker - Just outside of Arcade

Dave Kondol

Dave Kondol - Orchard Park, 9-point, 180-pound Buck.

Here is a look at some of our submissions from previous years:

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