Today is a big day for hot dog lovers in the Northtowns as an iconic hot dog stand will reopen today.

Louie's Hot Dogs was first opened as a restaurant in 1949 before being converted into a hot dog stand in 1951. Louie's has been serving the Northtowns for over 70 years before shutting down last year during the COVID-19 pandemic due to staff shortages.

Also, the son of the original owner decided to retire last year leading to the closure of the hot dog stand.

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Today, the hot dog stand will reopen with a full staff as the cousin of the most recent owner decided to take over the place and bring back years of tradition for Western New Yorkers.

According to WGRZ, the new owner doesn't plan on making any changes to the hot dog stand.

"I am not changing a damn thing," LaMarca said. "This is living, breathing, growing nostalgia. I've talked to grandparents here, whose parents brought them here, who are now bringing their kids and great grandkids here."

Louie's is expected to reopen today at 10:30 am and be open until 8 pm. They will extend their hours to 10 pm when the weather warms up.

It is always great to see iconic places reopen or come back to the area. Growing up in West Seneca, I remember spending hours at JNC on Transit road playing video games or grabbing some amazing lunch at Swiss Chalet. Of course, we would get some toys at Child World or pick up the latest album at Record Theather.

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