This is the year to get your Christmas tree delivered right to your front door. There are a lot of traditions that are going to be modified or just completely be skipped this year because of COVID. You may not be going on your family trip to cut your Christmas Tree down this year, so here is a great alternative!

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Starting next week on October 30, you can order a tree from Lowe's and they will come deliver it to you within two and five days. The same goes for wreaths as well, but in order to get the delivery for free you have to have an order of over 45 bucks. And no...they will not pick up the rest of your shopping for you.

During Clay and Company we were talking today though, it is already so hard to pick out a Christmas Tree. When you go with the family to pick out a tree you have to find the perfect one for your home and no one knows your house like YOU do, right? Of course you can give Lowes the height, but it is all about picking out THE ONE. What if there's a holey spot, a missing branch, some people are so particular. Though, if you are worried about COVID-19, this is the way to go!

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