Luke Bryan is hands-down a family-oriented man, and so it comes as no surprise that he's got some favorite family traditions in his household. Christmastime at the Bryan house has all the usual things you'd something more.

Be sure to pack your PJs if you're going over there on Dec. 24. Oh, and come hungry. But not for gourmet fare.

"We have a pajama night, and do chili dogs on Christmas Eve," explains Bryan in a video posted to social media. "My mother comes up and she makes me go shop with her. We have to pick out all the right stuff, get the proper buns, the proper wieners, it's very important—all-beef wieners," he notes.

"So, we're eatin' chili dogs in pajamas. Any time you can come up with fun traditions and hold true to them," he muses. "Cooking chili dogs in a onesie!"

Bryan and wife Caroline also like to mark the holidays by torturing each other with a series of clever pranks, ranging from painting soap bars with nail polish to faking bloody injuries. This is clearly a family that likes to keep life on the light side!

That philosophy undoubtedly comes in handy when it comes to raising children. The couple are parents to two sons, Tate and Bo (who are 8 and 10, respectively), as well as guardians to Luke's teenage nephew.

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