So, you think you know Luke Bryan?

Luke Bryan just so happens to have a tattoo we're sure you've never seen, but ladies you probably want to see.

Jason Aldean was out on the road with Luke Bryan and spilled the beans. The tattoo? It's on Luke's butt cheek.

He was out on tour with me when he got it,” Jason explained. “You know, after you get a tattoo, when they start to heal they itch, and you want scratch it. Well, he kept complaining about it, and I was like, ‘What is wrong with you?’ And he told me he got a tattoo, and then proceeded to pull one of his ass cheeks out, and I could see her initials on it", according to WQYK

“He does wear tight jeans, I was thinking, ‘maybe you need to go up a size.’ I didn’t know what was happening.”

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