Some foods are just universal -- everyone loves them. Pizza, wings, chicken fingers, ice cream, etc. Another food that seemingly everyone loves is mac and cheese and if you love that cheesy goodness, get ready for this summer in Buffalo...because there's an event just for you.

According to their website, the Buffalo Mac & Cheese Festival will be happening at Buffalo RiverWorks on Saturday, August 14th.

The event was originally going to take place in May, and before that, was scheduled last spring before the COVID-19 pandemic forced it to cancel.

This festival will have everything to satisfy even the most hardcore mac and cheese fanatic. We're talking top chefs, food vendors, and food trucks, all serving delicious mac, and cheese.

You'll also find craft beers, wine, and ciders, along with live music and fun entertainment!

In order to attend, you must buy your tickets in advance. You can go to one of two sessions. If you want, there are also VIP access tickets. Those allow you to enter the event an hour early and get access to a lounge and private bathrooms.

The Mac & Cheese festival happens on Saturday, August 14th at Buffalo RiverWorks from 11:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. You can find out more information on their website.

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This event sounds like a dream come true. I remember the news of the festival last year coming out just a few days before the pandemic hit, which was a bummer. This year, it's taking place well into the summer, so it should be good to go by then!

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