There is a restaurant in Buffalo that is under fire for hosting a party.

The Steelers 'Road Warriors Playoffs Party' will be at Buffalo Riverworks on Saturday starting at 6 PM. People on social media were going nuts that they are going to host this party calling them a 'sell out', 'back stabbers' and more. Even going as far to say that they are banning them.

You can see on the other side of the aisle people coming to the defense of Riverworks as well. People were saying how 'dramatic and pathetic' so Buffalo fans are. After all, the Steelers fans are bringing money and spending it here in Western New York.

I am coming to the defense of Riverworks, though. The Steelers are going to come and spend their money at one bar or another so, if you were Riverworks and owning a business and you had all this money coming in you would do the same. Also--who cares (you know you will be back at Riverworks at some point anyway because it is a Buffalo staple).

The Buffalo Bills are the 10 point favorite going into the first playoff game. The game will be on channel 4 at 1 PM.

Check out the drama below.


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