Maddie & Tae are artists with a lot to say, and on their latest EP, Everywhere I'm Goin', the five-track follow-up to April's One Heart to Another, the duo's songwriting chops are on display perhaps more than ever. They chose to introduce their new music in two parts to give fans the opportunity to soak in, specifically, the songs' lyrics, co-written with Jimmy Robbins, Laura Veltz and Dave Barnes, among others.

Marlow and Dye's relationships with their co-writers are essential to good storytelling, and, Marlow tells The Boot, "On this EP, I feel like, every writer, we felt comfortable enough to let into our lives. They were just so gracious to open up their talents and their gifts to help us tell our story.

"It was just so nice to have such talented people let us deep dive and get into the trenches and not be afraid of vulnerability," she adds. "We’re just grateful that we get to work with such badass storytellers. We learn from them every single time we’re in the room with them."

One of Maddie & Tae's top collaborators is Dye's fiance, songwriter and producer Josh Kerr. The two met through co-writing (he helped write "Bathroom Floor"), and while Marlow says she noticed their attraction long before the two got together, Dye attributes their ability to continue to write together to the fact that they formed a friendship and creative relationship first.

"Honestly, I was not sure how it was gonna go. I had been in relationships before where they were also in music and I didn’t want anything to cross. I was like, 'You do your thing and I’m gonna do mine,'" Dye says. "But with Josh, it was effortless. I think the reason is because we started writing before we were ever in a relationship or even thought of that.

"The writing relationship was there, and then came the real relationship," she adds. "It just feels natural."

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