The perfect scenario:  Go to college, get a job right out of college, make good money and live a comfortable life.  Sound good?  Does to me!  That's not always the case.  Finding a job after college graduation is tough.  There are very few people who luck out and fall into a nice position...especially in Buffalo!   If you knew what major would ensure a job right out of college, would you major in it?  Well, according to a new survey by the National Association of College and Employers- those who majored in accounting have the easiest time finding jobs after college graduation.  68% of accounting majors scored jobs!  Next in majors- 65% found jobs straight out of college.  Third on the list- computer science majors- with 60% finding work after college.

Now, the back end of the list (according to the survey taken)...  The survey found that 23% of those who majored in education found a job.  Second worst- English major- 31%. Third from the bottom- communications 36%  (ahhh, that's us!!)


(Metro Source)