As we approach the busy holiday travel season, you better have your plans ready! From road trips to flights things are going to be busy and, by many accounts, expensive. But it was what happened this week at an airport in New York State that has people talking.

Most people are nervous when they fly. Post 9-11, there are lots of changes and security has been tight. The issues and war in the Middle East is making things even more uneasy.

Beyond the fears around terror attacks and wars, some are just plain skeptical when it comes to the safety of planes and flying. Those fears were made legitimate by these types of stories.

Passengers on a JetBlue plane landing in New York had quite the scare. The plane is being taken out of service after it tipped backward onto its tail as passengers were getting off.

The holidays will be here before we know it and now is the time to plan ahead. Have you started the shopping yet? With the prices these days, the earlier the better. You may want to consider these tips for shopping on a budget.

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