It looks like we are starting to see how COVID-19 will impact college students this year.

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Earlier this morning, Norte Dame University in Indiana announced that they have canceled all their in-person classes after seeing a spike in positive COVID-19 cases when students returned to campus.

According to CBS News, the university will go all remote learning for the next two weeks after having 147 confirmed coronavirus cases.

This could be a preview of how college will look here in Western New York. Several local colleges have already allowed students to move into the dorms and have set up guidelines to provide a clean environment.

The University of Buffalo announced that they will have students, staff, and faculty will have to complete a virtual daily health check on the school's website. Also, all visitors to any of the campuses will have to take the health check as well before coming on campus.

Buff State is also having students, staff, and faculty take online testing two weeks prior to coming on to the campus. The testing will take place using the Buff State App.

Canisius College is set for its students to return at the end of August will also have anyone who is on campus to take a health screening test via its website.

As of today, most colleges in Western New York will be open for in-person classes as well as remote learning.


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