Clay and I were talking about weeds the other day. For him and I, the frustration is trying to keep them out of the garden and lawn. It’s a constant battle. Some people don’t even bother trying to kill them on their lawn. They just figure – they’re green – good enough.

So how many different types of weeds are there in the world? Of the 250,000 different identified types of plants, 8,000 -- or 3 percent -- are considered weeds. But it depends where you live in the world. What we might consider a beautiful plant or ornamental grass in this country is considered a weed elsewhere because it grows everywhere.

What are the hardest weeds to get rid of? Dandelions would have to be right up there. Trying to dig them out is probably the worst idea because their roots are so deep and delicate and break easily. If you leave any of the root behind it’ll grow right back. And even if you’re finally able to kill every dandelion on your lawn they have a way of returning because their fuzzy seeds are spread by the wind.

Dandelions aren’t native to North America. They were brought here. The story is a woman from England thought they were pretty so she brought dandelion seeds with her when she came to America and planted them. Amazing how far they spread.

If you’re not big on using chemical weed killers there are some natural ones you can make yourself using vinegar and lemon juice. Mix a quart of vinegar with four ounces of lemon juice in a spray bottle and spray the weeds you want to kill. You’ll probably need several applications and be careful to spray only the weeds because the mixture will kill most anything.


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