Radiopup, what the heck is Radiopup?  Well, many of  WYRK's  listeners have heard the name, but just let it go in one ear and out the other.  I, for one, downloaded the app and later this afternoon will use "Radiopup" when I need it the most.  Radiopup will be this man's best friend as I...... sit in the dentist's chair awaiting my needle and drill.  I'll bring my phone and headphones in, search WYRK radio and listen to the station while my face is being drilled.  I occasionally bring headphones into appointments because, to me it helps ease and worry or pain.  My previous dentist suggested that if the sound of the drill bothers you, tune it out with music.  Don't get me wrong, the sound is only 1/4th the battle, but it helps a little.  Obviously, you can't avoid the pain, smell, etc..etc.. Do yourself a favor, get the Radiopup app.  Whether you could use it at the dentist, waiting for a bus, plane or whatever.  It's a great app to have, especially if you like being close to your favorite radio station!

If you didn't click on Radiopup above, here's your last chance to get on board with the app!-CLICK HERE!!!!

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