Did you watch or hear about Bob Costas remarks during the football game on Sunday? Mr. Costas is certainly entitled to his opinion about gun control, but I do find fault with him using his job as a football commentator to lecture Americans on his views about gun control. His views on the subject had no place during a nationally televised football game. People are watching to see football, not to hear his liberal left-wing views about gun control. If Mr. Costas is so passionate about the subject, then perhaps he should write an editorial to his local newspaper or publish a blog on the internet. Costas needs to keep his broadcast focused on football, not his opinion about guns.

Personally, I wholeheartedly disagree with Bob Costas remarks on Sunday. If that Chiefs player was so intent on murdering his girlfriend, he would have done so with or without the gun (just look at former Buffalo Bill O.J. Simpson). The real problem lies in the way this guy was raised. Did he have parents that showed him right from wrong? I doubt it. Could it be that his upbringing taught him to use violence as a way of responding to unpleasant situations? Perhaps. The bottom line is, and I believe most WYRK listeners would agree with me here is that the gun is NOT the reason why he killed his girlfriend and then took his own life. I have owned guns since I was a teenager and have always used them responsibly. My wife and I have had our licenses to carry our pistols for 25 years. My wonderful father taught me how to respect my firearms and to respect others. His teachings will stay with me till I die. I have also passed those lessons down to my son who also a gun owner and collector like myself.

If you have time today, you can watch this video of Wayne La Pierre from the NRA. This is our response to Bob Costas.

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