Bullet Found At School
There was a bullet found in a classroom in West Seneca at Allendale Elementary School.
This weekend, officials spent time trying to figure out which student the bullet came from. They were successful and said reassured families that there is no threat to the school or students...
27-Year-Old Lancaster Man Shot in Buffalo
Saturday night didn't end well for one 27-year-old from Lancaster. Police are looking for help in finding the person who shot the man from Lancaster in the leg at 1:30 AM on South Park Ave.
He went to the hospital, was treated and released...
Getting Rid Of The SAFE Act?
“I have a lot of confidence we will get this over the finish line and I know it’s going to drive the Governor (Cuomo)  absolutely crazy," says Chris Collins.
Right now, the SAFE act in place in New York is tighter and stricter gun laws across the state, which by ma…
New York Proposes To Repeal The Safe Act
A portion of Governor Cuomo's Safe Act for guns will be repealed if a group of New York State senators have their way, except for the areas around New York City. Today they laid out the plan on what they would like to see happen.
The Repeal legislation was originally crafted for upstate New York, but…
Sweetest Gun Ever?
Would you ever get this?
If you can carry a gun in New York, maybe this is the one that you want to have. Nobody will even know that you have it. Maybe that's a good thing if you want to go to a restaurant and not scare anyone either...

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