WARNING: GRAPHIC VIDEO. There is footage of gunshots released by Buffalo Police.

"He was going to shoot a lot of people". One woman was shot in Buffalo.

A scary situation unfolded in Buffalo, New York. On Thursday, a man with an AR-15 tried walking into an establishment and was stopped by 2 security guards and 2 civilians.

The 48-year-old man shot one woman in the leg on the way into a methadone clinic on Virginia Street in Buffalo. He then got off 2 more shots before being stopped. Nobody else was hurt inside. Officials noted that there was an extended magazine on the AR-15 and that the incident was drug related.

The woman who was shot was released from the hospital.

Buffalo Police have now released some of the footage from the shooting. It is graphic and you can see the heroic security guard stop the man before receiving back up. The video can be scary.


I just can't say enough about the heroic efforts of the two security guards inside the clinic, but the two civilians who just happened to be out front because there were numerous employees in the clinic, and there were numerous patients in the clinic as well, and this could have been much worse," Flynn said, according to WGRZ.

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