Traveling is one of my favorite activities. Any chance I get to go somewhere, I can. However, price is what usually stops me from traveling as much as I would like to.

Road trips are so much fun but a plane ride is obviously much quicker and many Buffalonians are already preparing to make two trips to major cities for what is sure to be a fantastic time.

The 2021 NFL schedule was released back in May and there were two road games that many Buffalo Bills fans circled because they wanted to make the trip to cheer on the Bills.

Nashville and New Orleans.

The Bills will travel to Nashville to play the Tennessee Titans on Monday night, October 18th; while they will travel to New Orleans to play the Saints on Thanksgiving night. Both will be primetime games in front of the entire country.

Timing and atmosphere will be a big reason why Bills fans will be making an effort to get to these games.

Back in 2019, Bills fans seemingly took over downtown Nashville the weekend the Bills played the Titans and that will likely happen again; especially with fans back in attendance in full force and the team is so good.

New Orleans is obvious: Bourbon Street, Thanksgiving night, people off from work until the following will probably just go to be there, even if they don't have a ticket to the game itself.

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I'm betting on Bills Mafia to travel to almost all the road games in 2021. The Bills haven't been this good since the early '90s and there's a feeling to get to these games by any means possible.

Go Bills!

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