This is going to be a lot of fun and a really cool experience for Super Mario and Mario Kart fans. There is a new bar where you can play Mario Kart while having the Super Smash (Bros) drink. It is a new bar and restaurant that has opened up called Nerdvana. This will be the second location that Nerdvana will open in the United States.

It is a new concept bar that incorporates games. This is something that a lot of big cities in America have from Boston and New York City to Los Angeles. Now, you can sit at the bar with your remote controls or you can get a booth that has televisions in them and play games in Rochester. Is it JUST Mario Kart that you can play?

No, they have other games as well--including old games, new games, and some tabletop games. The place is absolutely slammed since it opened up last week and the hard part about it is--you cannot even make reservations. It is first come first serve.

What are the hours for Nerdvana Rochester? 

Monday - Thursday 4pm - 10pm
Friday 4pm - 11pm
Saturday 4pm -11pm
Sunday 4pm-10pm
Nerdvana Rochester
50 Adventure Pl, Rochester, NY 14607

EXTRA: Have you seen this real-life Mario Kart track that is in Niagara Falls. It is a go-kart track that has different levels. It is North America’s largest elevated go-cart track facility in Niagara Falls, but on the Canada side on Clifton Hill. It is called the Niagara Speedway track and you can see the video here.

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