Blake Shelton's BFF, Adam Levine + his band mates from Maroon 5 crashed weddings before the New Year in Los Angeles for their new video, 'Sugar' that hit YouTube this morning.

Levine starts off by saying:

Dec. 6, 2014, we're gonna drive across L.A. and hit every wedding we possibly can and it's gonna be awesome."

How exactly did they just waltz in there and know the married couple really wanted Maroon 5 at the wedding? What if the couple didn't even LIKE Maroon 5?

The grooms were in on the whole thing and the band came in, set up and only stayed for a little bit during dinner, took pictures and moved on because in most cases there was a live band scheduled for the reception.

What an awesome surprise though. We could see Blake trying to do something like this...errr....except he'd probably stay for the open bar.

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