The days of being able to light up and smoke anywhere you want are all but over for most places in New York State. There is word this week that there may soon be even fewer places to smoke here in the Empire State.

For those who refuse to quit or are just not ready yet, not only has it gotten harder to find a place for a smoke break, it is getting very expensive. New York State has some of the largest taxes on cigarettes in the nation at well over $5 per pack.

Spectrum News reported that, "Effective Sept. 1, the cigarette tax increases to $5.35 a pack from $4.35, making it the highest cigarette tax in the nation. The increase was part of New York’s $229 billion budget plan approved this spring".


It could be even more expensive to smoke in these areas if the law gets in place.

NEW YORK: The NYC Council is considering a bill that would expand the city's smoking ban to areas around public parks or playgrounds. Under the bill first-time offenders will receive a fine of $50 and $200 for subsequent violations within a year.

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