The weather around New York State the last 24 hours has been certainly interesting. For those along the Great Lakes, snow has been falling at a rate of 2-3 inches an hour. For others, it is just cold and windy.

The lake effect machine pounded portions of Western New York late Monday and early Tuesday and some areas received as much as a foot and a half of snow. The roads were nearly impassible as the snow fell during the peak of the afternoon rush hour.

In one area of New York State, the lake effect snow was still falling at impressive rates. In fact, one of the aspects of lake effect snow is that the flakes seem to be larger than a general snowfall. The video below captures that.

Weather personalities were posting and boasting about the first, real lake effect storm of the season that was predicted days in advance.

The snow is something we deal with in New York State. However, it seems that some are a little less prepared for some reason. If you own a car in New York State and the tires are not up to par or ready for snow, NOW is the time to get them on the car or consider an all wheel or four wheel drive car or SUV.

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