The busy travel season has started and across New York State people are making plans to visit family and friends for the Easter weekend. It is just beginning of the spring break and the highways and airports will be packed.

Since the end of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen a surge in the amount of people traveling. If you have been in an airport recently, there is no doubt you have seen bigger crowds.

When you take that road trip this year, you may be shocked at some of the prices. Sure, the gas prices and the cost of lodging is up. However, the tolls in New York have gone up and now there are plans for an even bigger increase.

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According to multiple reports, and one by the New York Times, "The board of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority voted to approve a new $15 toll to drive into Manhattan. The plan still faces challenges from six lawsuits before it can begin in June".

This is just another fee that people are facing here in the Empire State. Most people are finding it hard to pay for the everyday things that they need and New York State keeps finding ways to dig deeper instead of finding ways to give families relief.

New York State's lawmakers are taking a pause for the Easter weekend and will return to complete budget discussions next week.

Governor Hochul posted this statement on her website: "While I believe a final agreement is within reach, I recognize many New Yorkers would like to spend the holiday weekend with family and loved ones. For that reason, I will be delivering a bill to the Legislature to temporarily extend the budget deadline until April 4th".

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