There are a certain number of batteries that are going to be banned in New York State.

Governor Hochul proposed a ban on the sale of dangerous, 'uncertified lithium-ion battery-powered mobility devices', which would specifically be used for things like e-bikes and e-scooters.

The proposal comes after a year in which battery-driven devices caused an alarming number of ferocious fires in New York City that have led to fatalities", according to the New York Senate's website.

It is actually pretty scary when you find out how many fires are started by these batteries.  There have been hundreds of fires that have been started because of these batteries. It is important to note that this ban is not for AA or AAA batteries that you might put in smaller devices, such as your TV remote.

Other major cities, like Seattle, have jumped on board for this law as well.

Starting fires is actually one of the reasons that you cannot put batteries in the garbage can. Most people ignore the law, but it is actually very dangerous if you put batteries in the garbage. Once the garbage truck takes them and compacts them, they can be broken down to start the fire. Recently, a fire company in Cheektowaga, New York was called to put out a fire because a trash truck started on fire. Local towns and cities will have guidelines on how to dispose of certain batteries and electronics.

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