The summer of 2024 is now just a few days away and police in New York State are going to be watching for you!

New York State residents face high taxes and fees on just about everything. However, there are some things to love about this state. For example, the natural beauty of places like the Adirondacks, the Hudson Valley and Niagara Falls. But if you plan to drive to see these places, you better go the speed limit.

As we get ready for the school year to end for most elementary and high school students, there is a renewed push to beef up the speed patrols around the state.

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According to reports, police are taking part in the yearly Speed Week enforcement campaign that will run through June 9th. Data shows speeding and reckless driving are leading causes of deadly crashes in the New York each year.

On the New York State Governor's website, it was made clear that: "State Police Superintendent Steven G. James said, “ State Troopers will be highly visible during this traffic enforcement period and throughout the peak summer driving period, targeting those who drive recklessly and put others in danger.”

Not only are school zones and other local areas a concern for speeding, this week is also a good time to remember the New York State "Move Over Law".

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