We've already gotten a few extra weeks from Mayer Brothers Cider Mill than we normally get, but they've announced that they will be closing again soon.

We all got so excited to hear that Mayer Brothers would be opening in the spring to offer people the opportunity to pick up some treats that they normally would have to wait until fall to get but had no idea how long that meant they would stay open.

They made the announcement that they would be closing again until fall yesterday:

"We will be Closing May 11th 2019 after our Spring Fling and will reopen for the 167th Fall Cider Season on Aug 7th 2019.. In the meantime stop in for some goodies this week!!! then will see you in August!!!!!"

So now is the time!  If you want to get out there, they will open until Saturday.   Then you'll have to wait until August.


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