I was lucky enough to attend TWO meat raffles over the weekend and both happened to be in the same venue. However, they could not have been more different and it got me thinking, what makes a good meat raffle?

The first one I went to had no wheel and only one winner per "spin". The meat seemed to be of good quality and of course it was for great cause. The second one I went to seemed to be more aligned with the meat raffles I've been to in the past. It had a wheel and multiple winners per spin.  Both had the free beer but the second one had music while they were selling tickets, which I thought was a nice touch.

I won nada on the first night but did pretty well on the second one and it got me thinking...

So I'm wondering what makes a good meat raffle? Is a wheel required? Is it who provides the meat? The person on the mic? How you purchase your raffle tickets?

I have my own theories, but I would love to hear yours!

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