What exactly are the odds that you will be a millionaire? I mean if you are a world class professional athlete, being a millionaire is standard these days. But what about the everyday, average New Yorker? What chance do you have to strike it rich? If you have some dreams, the opportunity is here.

The possibilities would be endless if you win a jackpot in the lottery and the Mega Millions and Powerball jackpots have gotten the attention from Buffalo to New York City of those who just want to have a big bank account.

The Mega Millions drawing is tonight and the winner of the drawing will be able to claim at least 325-million bucks. However, the odds of winning the game's top prize are an astronomical one in 302-million. The cash payout for this evening's Mega Millions draw is $172 million!

Is Powerball your game? This Wednesday's drawing is going to be worth at least $300 million!

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