Have you seen it yet? If you have been on, or in, the Great Lakes recently, there is a bottle floating somewhere that is your ticket to a freebie!

The Great Lakes are a treasure for those of us who live near them. Actually, they are both a blessing and a curse as the proximity to the lakes makes our weather fairly unpredictable at times. The Great Lakes provide plenty of snow at times and keeps us cooler than it could be at times.

But many of us who live in this region of New York State may be taking the Great Lakes, Erie and Ontario, for granted. These are beautiful bodies of water with so much tourist potential that could spell millions for the cities and towns that are along the shores. It seems that Michigan has figured out a great way to market itself using Lake Michigan.

According to reports:

An historic lighthouse in Michigan is trying a unique promotion to drum up business. The White Shoal Light Historical Preservation Society has launched the "message in a bottle contest" as part of the lighthouse's 113th anniversary.

It is not at that likely that these bottles will travel as far as Lake Erie and Lake Ontario. However, it was announced earlier this year that a Great Lakes cruise line will be porting in Buffalo and other cities nearby soon.

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